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Gemini Digital Technologies

Gemini Digital Technologies

GemDT has established itself at the forefront of the Digital Twin for manufacturing and support.

Our unique approach allows us to capture and manage digital version of a physical asset, forming a key part of the Digital Twin. This harvested data can now be interrogated easily into existing IT infrastructures and shared across the whole business, department and divisions of which may have had access manufacturing assembly or support data of a physical part or product/s before.

By delivering flexible inspection system which are built on marker-less industrial grade photogrammetry solutions with advanced algorithms which deliver fast, accurate and highly repeatable inspection data.

A comprehensive, easy, modern user experience allows the rapid measurement, capture and analysis of data for your components.
In addition to delivering market leading industrial solutions our unique technologies and in-depth knowledge, experience and understanding within high accuracy reverse engineering, allows us to can transform 2D legacy products/drawings into functional 3D CAD models. With a suite of technologies, we deliver digital MBD authoring, planning, Inspection, Vision, IoT and accurate management of all forms of data reports and analysis of the asset which are consumed and form part of the makeup of the Digital Twin, for use in Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Medical sectors.

The Oracle powered Engineering Hub, allows companies to understanding the usage of legacy and new data in a variety of innovative ways, empowering businesses within Manufacturing and Support, to connect disparate data into PLM, ERP, SCM, MES and drive the deployment technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality for support and Training.

Applying our products and solutions for Smart Factories, The Hangar of the Future concepts we are able to push the delivery of Industry 5.0 solutions, which allows man and machine reconcile and find ways to work together to improve the means and efficiency of production.

GemDT delivering the Digital Twin.

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