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Newton Europe Limited

Newton Europe Limited


Delivering and sustaining operational readiness remains critical in the face of potential spending and capability cuts.

Newton specialises in rapidly implementing change and transformation programmes within complex environments. Working alongside some of the largest and most-recognisable defence organisations, equipment programmes and enterprises, Newton’s teams work to reduce costs, drive pace and direction, improve value and grow defence capabilities.

With a relentless focus on facts, rigorous analysis of data and structured problem solving, our teams work with defence leaders and specialists at all levels to:

  • Generate end to end value chain visualisation to provide a single point of truth
  • Empower evidence-based decisions via the appropriate data and augmented data science
  • Harness big data to root cause issues and identify the next best action
  • Employ appropriate technology and innovation to simplify or automate human tasks
  • Leave a sustainable legacy via an engaged and focussed workforce supported by digitally augmented decision making and processes

Crucially, we guarantee our results, staking 100% of our fees against delivering real, tangible benefits that are agreed at the outset of any project.

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UK Office
01865 953378

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Newton and Quick Release support Penlon to manufacture 11,683 ventilators in twelve weeks – in response to COVID-19


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