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ByzGen Ltd

ByzGen Ltd


The digital world is a labyrinth of complex data, with the question of ownership at the core. When information is crucial for collaboration, the uncertainty of ownership breeds suspicion and hampers decisions.

ByzGen empowers organisations, for the first time, to implement trust to enable effective collaboration. With data-confidence achieved and participants reassured, our platform can unlock a world of possibilities:

  • Reduce the risk of data breach - manual input reduced by 80% and data security enhanced to all-new levels.
  • Significantly reduce operational costs 30%+ reduction in existing systems and processes.
  • Accelerate through automation – Manual processes reduced from months to weeks, days to hours.
  • Achieve unprecedented levels of data assurance – our system guarantees 100% provenance, no exceptions.

For greater detail on the technology please visit our website or contact us.


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