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Vistair Systems Limited

Vistair Systems Limited

Vistair provides document, safety and quality management technology solutions to support the delivery of improved safety, compliance and operational efficiency that results in significant commercial savings and ROI to aviation and defence organisations.

We provide our solutions to over 60 clients such as Delta Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Air Asia, Qantas, SAS, Norwegian, easyJet to name a few. We are also partnered with the RAF (A400M) and the MAA (ie MoD Security Accredited).
Vistair understands the needs of the aviation and defence industry and knows how to develop and deliver technology that:

✓ Drive operational efficiency
✓ Demonstrate a clear link between increased reporting and a change in procedures and behaviours
✓ Drive a safer organisation

Document Management
DocuNet™ is the aviation industry’s most powerful document management and distribution solution. It delivers a complete operational library of all mission-critical content across all platforms, including Airbus, Boeing as well as Bombardier and Embraer fleets.

DocuNet™ provides a simple and interactive partnered process for airlines to control the intellectual content of manuals and monitor, with Vistair handling all of the processes related to data, publication and delivery, enabling airlines to spend more time and energy on their core business operations.

In combination with our crew notices and bulletins portal, CrewNet™, the service provides a vital bridge in supporting procedural change and ensuring crews are aware of safety and important operational related changes.

Safety and Quality Management
Supporting Vistair’s continuous improvement through engagement approach, Vistair is also able to deliver a complete suite of safety and quality management solutions, SafetyNet™, RiskNet™, and QualityNet™.

SafetyNet™ is an aviation reporting system and investigation solution that drives real change in the management of safety-related occurrences. It is currently deployed by a number of global airlines including Delta and also counts the military among its user base. Complementing this is RiskNet™ an advanced, change and aviation risk management solution that provides hazard identification. Integrating with both, QualityNet™ is a comprehensive aviation compliance software that enables Quality Managers to manage audit schedules, checklists and non-compliances through an intuitive interface.

The final piece of the Vistair offering is Vistair Intelligence, a flexible report, analysis, and visualisation tool that provides dashboard access to specified data across all Vistair’s products.

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