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The burgeoning complexity and inter-dependency within and between ‘systems’ is one of the most significant challenges facing humanity. Organisations which fail to effectively manage their complexity are increasingly susceptible to hidden and compounding risks, which can have significant, even critical impacts on their operational and financial performance. BOXARR is the only solution specifically designed to combat complexity through effective ‘Inter-dependent Systems Management’ (ISM). Supporting some of the world’s largest organisations, BOXARR delivers truly scalable applications to solve challenges of complexity.


BOXARR’s sophisticated system-modelling and analysis tools, enable people across your organisation to collaboratively model, simulate, visualise, analyse, and optimise complex systems and challenges at massive scales of granularity; from thousands to millions of data-rich objects and relationships.
The BOXARR platform is built on highly scalable enterprise-class open architecture, enabling your organisation to effectively implement and deploy BOXARR across your enterprise. The resilient central server (ScaleBridge) services users via both desktop application (nVision) and browser application (nSight). Our standards-based API (Catalyst) enables systems-integration with your existing 3rd-party data systems along with routine import/exports to ensure your BOXARR models remain dynamic and current. This enables effective aggregation and analysis of disparate data sources & silos across your enterprise.
BOXARR’s is licensed as an operating expense by annual subscription, which is fully inclusive of software maintenance and biannual upgrades ensuring you always have access to our latest capability. The BOXARR platform can be deployed as an ‘on premise’, ‘cloud’ or ‘hybrid’ solution, depending upon your preference.


BOXARR’s unique paradigm for collaboratively modelling and managing complex inter-dependencies at scale can be applied to effectively any challenge. For example: data aggregation, knowledge-transfer, systems-engineering & systems-integration, root-cause analysis, predictive analysis, process and production, distributed supply-chain & offset mapping, project/program/mission planning & execution, sustainment, organisational structure & operations, joint-ventures/ops, mergers & acquisitions, audit compliance, etc.


BOXARR’s native markets are in aerospace and defence, where it is utilised by many of the leading defence primes, militaries, and civil aviation OEMs around the world. BOXARR’s paradigm for complexity management is not sector-specific and can be readily applied to any complex domains, such as: government, enterprise, automotive, healthcare, energy, retail, FSI, transport, construction, academia, etc.


BOXARR enables your organisation to effectively identify and mitigate inherent and hidden compounding risks, which can have critical impacts upon your operational and financial performance. BOXARR’s paradigm is simple and intuitive; reducing the burden of training and optimising adoption. The value of the BOXARR platform can be leveraged by multiple departments across your organisation, and applied across multiple aspects of your operations; enabling effective data aggregation, collaboration and knowledge transfer between users across your enterprise (and with your suppliers, partners and allies), to solve challenges and optimise your performance.

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