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Systecon UK Ltd

Systecon UK Ltd

Our Vision
Systecon shall develop into a global thought leader in the supply of professional consulting services and software tools for System Logistics and Life Cycle Management, and stand out as the preferred choice in these areas.

For many years, Systecon have encountered the same issues in many different industries: Complex, technical systems or products need to be procured, developed and used, however the focus is almost entirely on the procurement cost – instead of the total cost of the system.
We have a different perspective. And that perspective can make a difference for you. We call this Life Cycle Management (LCM) and the results for our customers are higher productivity, and lower cost.
We help you to find the optimal balance between your requirements for performance (including availability) and the resources needed to achieve this. Regardless if you are working with strategic decisions, procurement of new systems or you just want to improve efficiency in your current operations. The perspective remains the same: the sooner you think LCM, the greater the chance of reducing costs and thus ensuring future profitability. The challenge is rarely about agreeing on the need for cost effectiveness and LCM, but about how to achieve and sustain it.
With Opus Suite and Systecon you are able to apply a holistic LCM perspective: considering the entire solution throughout the whole life cycle. We have the methodology, the tools and the experience to identify and manage the factors that affect your output and your costs. We can help to optimise your operations, your system and your logistics support solution based on your specific objectives and circumstances.
We provide our clients with, state-of-art software, support, training and independent consulting services as needed to succeed with LCM of technical systems.

Contact Details
Head Office T: 01603 971 691


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