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BAR Associates Ltd

BAR Associates Ltd

There is a well-funded opportunity for businesses to secure significant growth within the UK Defence and Security sectors as both expand the need for innovation and change. BAR are transforming the way technology-based SME's are able to access specialist business growth expertise to seize on this opportunity. Our services are based on delivering measurable growth in profit and underlying strategic value, focussed on the defence and security markets in the UK.

We have a proven methodology that is underpinned by market and business specialisms. This is delivered through core modules with a team of experienced consultants with real domain knowledge.

We work with organisations who have committed to growth and want to both reduce risk and increase the certainty of their business plans with a good vision of where they wish to be.
They may be expanding within the defence and security markets, possibly to widen access beyond the UK or have innovative technologies with appeal to the defence and security market but with no current presence.

We are matching those with capability to opportunities within a market ecosystem comprised of SME providers, end users, integrators, contractors and investors. We are bringing this alignment to life, mapping requirements to capability, customers to suppliers and partners to investors.
Robin King -

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