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Titania Ltd

Titania Ltd

Titania develops both professional and free software tools. Our clients use our solutions to gain an in-depth security risk analysis, based on detailed configuration reviews, letting them “act on fact” within their threat environment.

Our pro-tools are multiple award winning, distributed in over 80 countries and acknowledged to be the worlds most detailed configuration auditing solutions.

Titania’s Pro software serves a wide range of industries, we help defend both UK, and our allies, cyber borders (e.g. US, UK & French Govt, US Army, Navy & Air Force), we aid defence of Critical National Infrastructure (multiple energy companies, telephone backbone providers and the Nuclear Regulatory Authority) and we help protect national and international Finance (global banks, payment providers such as Visa and MasterCard, credit unions etc).

Titania’s Products;
Nipper Studio – The 1st advanced and detailed configuration auditing tool in the world. Discover misconfigured systems and firewall, switch and router vulnerabilities, effortlessly and without mass network traffic. It helps you harden and secure vital network devices, such as Firewalls, Switches and Routers.

• Detailed configuration reporting, gives quick, clear views of device settings
• Scriptable for 24/7 vulnerability alerts, 365 days a year
• Enhances enterprise scanning systems & removes accuracy concerns.

It's quick to implement, and includes rating systems and mitigation advice, to help you prioritize and plan fixes. It also audits against industry standards such as CIS, STIG & NIST benchmarks or “Best Practice” security audits (combining multiple industry checks).

Paws Studio – Provides risk and compliance analysis on end-point and storage devices, it’s fully tailorable and includes mitigation advice. (Workstations and Servers etc).It will fully audit against the UK Govt Cyber Essentials requirements (iincluding integration of the manual policy based questions). You can also customise the reports and add aditional questions relevant to your own environment.

FREE Risk Assessment Tool - Titania supports the vision of the UK Government Cyber Essentials Scheme. We have used our Pro technologies to also create a free Risk Assessment Tool. The tool is simple to use (SME friendly) and will audit a LAN of 254 devices against 21 key security metrics. It is available for free distribution and has been tested with leading industry bodies

Titania URL;
Address; Security House, Barbourne Road, Worcester, Worcestershire,WR1 1RS
Telephone; 01905 888785

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