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Techmodal Limited

Techmodal Limited

Who we are

We are a Bristol consultancy and technology company with an enthusiastic team of market experts, data scientists, consultants, systems analysts and software engineers. We thrive on solving complex problems and our team has the experience and imagination to offer new answers to old questions.

Founded by PhD students Martin Jonik and David Evans in 2005, we now have over 80 exceptional people working with us and we’re still growing.

Our shared commitment to rapid, agile and jargon-free delivery has ensured our position as a trusted partner in the Defence, Commercial and Public Sectors for over 10 years.

What we do

At Techmodal we analyse customer data differently, uncovering new and valuable insights to support critical business decisions.

We have discovered that the answer to a customer’s business problem often lies within the data they already hold, but they lack the time and experience to unlock it. Our teams use ingenuity and innovative technology to uncover the data needed to drive lasting organisational change.

Contact details

Tel: 01173 763477
Address: 33-35 Queens Quay House, Bristol, BS1 4LU


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Bristol Office


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