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QinetiQ is dedicated to defending sovereign capability, protecting lives and securing the vital interests of our customers.

Operating primarily in the defence, security and aerospace markets, our customers are predominantly government organisations, including defence departments, as well as international customers in other targeted sectors.

Through the Long Term Partnering Agreement (LTPA) we provide UK MOD with innovative and realistic test and evaluation of military and civil platforms, systems, weapons and components on land, at sea and in the air.

Our unique solutions combine our depth of knowledge and experience with a collaborative and enterprising approach. Working across every aspect of the life cycle of critical equipment and infrastructure, we provide services and products that address our customers' most pressing challenges.

Air: providing support across every aspect of air, built on 70 years of experience.

Land & Critical Infrastructure: making significant scientific and technological innovations to evolve physical protection systems.

Maritime: designing and testing innovative naval systems and components.

C4ISR: resolving complex issues around communication and information infrastructures.

Cyber & Digital Resilience: protecting and improving cyber resources to overcome challenges and threats.

Space: building, launching and operating complex space infrastructure.

Weapons: creating safe and effective military components and testing them before and during service.

Robotics & Autonomy: designing, developing and operating robotics to keep military personnel and first responders away from danger.

Training: delivering realistic scenarios via simulation and virtual reality training so customers can prepare their people for every eventuality.

Advisory Services: acting as an impartial, technical partner for customers looking to procure services and develop capabilities.

Innovation: helping our customers increase their competitive and operational advantage through innovative business solutions.

Address: QinetiQ, Cody Technology Park, lvely Road, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 0LX
Tel: 01252 392000 / / Website:
Chief Executive Officer: Steve Wadey

Contact details:

Iain Harrison
Director Strategic Engagement (Land)

Phone: 07768 462493
Dwayne Doherty | Enterprise Cyber Security
Mobile: +44 (0)7384 919238

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