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Join TD-Info - Learn about Membership Benefits

Download a document about our Team Defence Information membership organisation and the benefits of a supplier to the defence sector becoming TD-Info member HERE

Click here to download a short document that sets out to explain what TD-Info does, who participates, its approach and how it operates, why it's needed, the 'value-add' it provides and what makes it unique

Join TD-Info to particpate in a trusted and well-established organisation that brings together members of the MOD and Industry to collaborate as Team Defence.

Annual membership subscription rates range from individual at approx £250 to approx. £14,945 for Lead Sponsors.  Rates are on a sliding scale based upon company turnover (including reference to Companies House information) and are adjusted annual in line with inflation. 

Relatively smaller turnover businesses can apply to be a Lead Sponsor in order to gain the additional member benefits (see below).

The TD-Info membership groups are:

  • Individual Member 
  • Company Member (turnover up to £5m)
  • Company Member (turnover £5 - 50m)
  • Company Member (turnover £50 - 200m)
  • Company Member (turnover £200 - 350m)
  • Company Member (turnover £350m+ &/or Lead Sponsor

To verify current member rates for your organisation, make enquiries by contacting or phone Sue Russell on 01454 410 556.  

To find out if your company is already a member of TD-Info, visit the Members section to search the list of current member organisations (NB: all MOD staff are entitled to be members). 

TD-Info Membership Benefits

By joining TD-Info you will become part of an organisation that has:

  • A majortiy of the major UK Defence Prime Contractors as Members
  • An acknowledged and well established interface with UK MOD on all aspects of collaborative information management
  • The support of, and established complementary relationships with, the Trade Associations (ADS and techUK)
  • A national and international reputation in all aspects of secure collaboration across Team Defence

TD-Info is firmly focussed on providing members with accurate, up-to-date information and guidance on the developing information management trends with relevance to the Defence sector.

Members – the benefits and privileges

Members gain in many ways from membership of TD-Info, including:

1. Participate in a well-established, trusted forum that involves both MOD and Industry working together (on a voluntary basis) on activities that jointly are deemed to be high priority; be part of a body that reports to the Defence Suppliers Forum and engages with key MOD staff and industry peers; and, work in 'neutral' contexts that are eternal to contracts but help shape Team Defence business activities and future ‘intelligent contracting’

2. Be actively involved in shaping and influencing policies and working practices to improve efficiencies and effectiveness, including on innovation and agility, in both the Information and Support/Supply Chain arenas through the Joint Information Group (JIG) and the Defence & Industry Support Chain Optimisation Group (DISCOG).

3. Keep well-informed about defence developments through regular meetings, briefings, conferences (e.g. Defence Information  and Support Chain Seminar) and networking opportunities that involve both MOD and Industry; and, ADS, techUK & Defence Solution Centre

4. Exploit the diversity/multiplier benefits from membership; pool experience and expertise to gain ‘common good’ outcomes that enhance business efficiency and effectiveness; participate and showcase the innovative collaboration achievements in the TD-Info Excellence Awards

5. Minimise continuity issues e.g. with staff churn, through the relative permanence of TD-Info with its established governance and Task Force; capture and retain vital Team Defence know-how

6. Engage with Industry as both suppliers of ICT services and customers for the same ICT services - e.g. in the Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF), the latter when part of the supply chain &/or when ‘embedded’ and working alongside the MOD

7. Work alongside ‘Team Defence’ peers who take a mature, holistic perspective that addresses the needs of both suppliers and customers

8. Work to agree and adopt common standards and working practices that simplify business process and drive out costs of collaboration while improving efficiency and competitiveness

9. Develop knowledge and professional skills and share Good Practice via Case Studies, Awards etc.

10. Access workshops, conferences, training sessions and briefings facilitated through TD-Info

Lead Sponsors: additional benefits and privileges

  • Eligible for membership of TD-Info Council that sets the strategic direction
  • Invited to Lead Sponsor networking dinners that involve senior MOD figures as guest speakers
  • May be invited to join the Joint Information Group (JIG) &/or Defence Support Chain Management Strategy Board, both established to oversee joint MOD/Industry activity

For more information about membership of TD-Info

Please contact: Sue Russell, Office Manager, 6a Pinkers Court, Briarlands Office Park, Gloucester Road, Rudgeway, Bristol, BS35 3QH; Ph: 01454 410 550 (or DD -556) or email:

We engage with you to help you get the most from membership 

We appreciate you need to understand which areas of TD-Info are likely to be of most interest and value to you and your organisation.

Hence, when you join and continue as members, you will have an 'account manager', one of our -Info Task Force memebrs who will aim to assist your organisation to get the most from networking and participating in our trusted Team Defence forum.  Clearly, the onus then is on your staff to engage actively with the relevant Team Defence communities, projects, workshops, events etc.


Join TD-Info - Learn about Membership Benefits

Download the document on Membership Benefits of being part of Team Defence Information

To obtain a copy of this information in pdf format, please download this document

Also, you may wish to read About Team Defence Information, a short document that sets out to explain what TD-Info does, who participates, its approach and how it operates, why it's needed, the 'value-add' it provides and what makes it unique


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