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Ask Me Anything Series Sign Up - 0930 - 1030

Ask Me Anything Series Sign Up - 0930 - 1030

Friday 29th October 2021

Location : Virtual Meeting to be held on Microsoft Teams

Time : 09:30 to 10:30

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Following the successful launch of the Digital Strategy for Defence, Team Defence Information and Defence Digital are pleased to launch a programme of Ask Me Anything webinars.

Over the course of the twelve month programme a series of senior representatives from across Defence Digital, Front Line Commands and Defence Industry will discuss the opportunities offered by effective exploitation of the key themes highlighted in the strategy, how it supports the strategic outcomes and most importantly answer any questions you may have regarding the adoption of digital in defence.

The programme of events will cover the following themes:
· Digital Strategy and the Digital Backbone
· Process: Enabling Multi-Domain Integration
· People: Agile Ways of Working
· Data: AI & Robotics
· Technology: Cloud
· Cyber: Secure by Design & Resilience
· People: Upskilling
· Process: Professionalisation of project delivery;
· Data: Synthetics at scale
· Technology: Next Generation Networks
· Cyber: Architectural Approach
· The Digital Strategy 12 Months On

If you are interested in attending these webinars, please register your interest on the link above.

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On 27 September, the MOD issued the Data Strategy for Defence, outlining the MOD’s vision for data, and sets the data outcomes to be achieved by 2025. It sets rules across Defence for data that will make sure that data is treated as a strategic asset, second only to people. Data will be used to help understanding and decision-making, and make Defence more capable and efficient.

Unleashing the full power of data fast and on a large scale will help Defence achieve Multi-Domain Integration and Information Advantage. Data is a key part of Defence’s Digital Backbone – the success of the Digital Foundry and the Defence AI centre depend on it.

The strategy also gives a structure for data leadership that unites all Defence organisations. Defence will use partnerships and relationships across government, with allies, industry, and academia, to improve the way it works with data. The strategy will also drive Defence to evolve how data is organised, shared and used. This will deliver better decisions and outcomes: giving battlespace advantage and business efficiency.

The Strategy is available to download on the Gov website:

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