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Defence Support Distribution - A DSFDB Sub-Working Group

Wednesday 5th May 2021

Location : On Teams

Time : 10:00 to 12:30

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Proposed Agenda subject to confirmation

Each session will be limited to only 10 mins so speakers will focus on key messages and what is important.

1. Open Address & Welcome Co-Chairs (Lt Col Gary Pugh / Alex Hyde)
2. Update of SWG and DSFDB Lt Col Gary Pugh
3. Distribution Demand Signal Sp Ops OA team (Rich Pasco)
4. Modular UAS Leonardo (Alex Tucker)
5. Theseus Last Mile Update Army HQ (Maj Sam Bagshaw)
6. ES Cobot Experimentation CFD/DECA (Lt Cdr Nick Pepper)
7. Distribution Capability Area HoC Def Sp (Sqn Ldr Robyn Pearson)
8. Dstl LTI DASA Update Dstl (Tom Brogan)
9. FCG Robotics FCG (Col Dan Anders-Brown)
10. AJAX Armour RSOM Use Case SV RM (Col Charlie Valdes-Scott)
11. KTN RAI (Marie Emerson)

If you would like to propose a topic for the agenda, then please contact the undersigned.

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