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Ethics in AI Conference - Virtual Event

Wednesday 26th May 2021

Location : Online ONLY

Time : 09:00 to 16:00

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In recent years we have seen an exponential growth in the adoption and deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across many industries and sectors. As a technology, AI has the potential to transform the defence domain, with applications emerging in critical fields such as cyber defence, defence logistics and risk management. The ethical and responsible adoption of this technology is paramount for building public trust and enabling the true benefits of AI to be recognised.

The conference, a joint event run in collaboration between TD-Info and techUK, will explore how AI is currently being used in defence and deep-dive into some of the key ethical issues associated with its application, through a series of presentations, panel debates and Q&A sessions.

In order to develop a broad understanding of the ethical issues at play, we have already confirmed a range of stakeholder representatives from across government, industry, military and academia.

The conference is free to attend and provides an opportunity to better understand the potential AI could offer to your organisation, but also the key issues that should be addressed throughout the implementation process.

TD-Info are looking for speaker proposals and offers of sponsorship to help facilitate the event.  For further details please contact Luca Leone.

The conference will be a fully virtually event.

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AI - Artificial Intelligence 

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