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(Non-TD-Info Event) - DSF Industry Briefing Days - Vehicle & Operational Infrastructure Powerplant

(Non-TD-Info Event) - DSF Industry Briefing Days - Vehicle & Operational Infrastructure Powerplant

Wednesday 25th - Thursday 26th November 2020

Location : Online ONLY

Time : 14:30 to 17:00

In light of the net-zero 2050 challenge, Army HQ is currently developing a Battlefield Electrification Strategy/Electrification Roadmap. This strategy will map out how the transition from fossil fuels to green technologies will be achieved for platforms and operational infrastructure and inform the complex capability development and programming required to underpin the transition.

The UK Defence Solutions Centre (UKDSC) is conducting a capability assessment for Defence Suppliers Forum (DSF) Capability Management International & Innovation (CMI&I), Vehicle & Operational Infrastructure Powerplant (Electrification of the British Army’s wheeled vehicle fleet).

The UKDSC is requesting industry and academia to provide input into the task as well as providing feedback through an industrial questionnaire and bilateral discussions with the MOD.

An industrial briefing Webinar is being provided on the following dates:

  • 25th (1530 - 1700hrs ) November 2020
  • 26th (1430-1600hrs ) November 2020

Guest Presenters will include:

  • Joanne Hamer MBE - FMC
  • Group Captain Phil Hateley - FMC
  • Colonel Simon Ridgway OBE
  • Cap GM, Army HQ

To register for the 25th (1530 - 1700hrs ) Nov 2020 event click here.

To register for the 26th (1430-1600hrs ) Nov 2020 event click here.


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Document provides details of the forthcoming industrial briefing Webinar regarding electric drive vehicle systems in support of Team UK.

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