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NON TD-Info Event - Land Forces Training - Online Only

NON TD-Info Event - Land Forces Training - Online Only

Tuesday 27th - Thursday 29th October 2020

Location : Online ONLY

Time : 11:00 to 14:00

TD-Info is pleased to be Media Partners for this Defence iQ Event .

For more information about this Conference - including the Agenda - and to Register click HERE.

TD-Info Industry members can obtain a 15% discount code by opening the attached document at the bottom of this page.

Registration is free for Military or Government personnel.

The theme is "The Bridge Between Combat Doctrine".

Defence iQ states "As land power doctrine re-orientates towards multi-domain operations there is a need to invest in new training capabilities that will develop adaptive and innovative soldiers, capable of fighting against skilled enemies and winning in complex, changing battlespaces.

This change is part of a broader strategic modernisation initiative reshaping army thinking today, driven largely by two key factors: technology and a vision of the future operating environment.

Land Forces Training Digital will provide a platform for experts from both industry and military to build meaningful consensus across coalitions and industry partnerships on the training needs of the future warfighter - providing a forum for discussion on what skills will be required to fight and win in 2050. During challenging times characterised by decreased opportunities for engagement within the Defence community and particularly the training community, Land Forces Training Digital can sustain and progress these important discussions between international partners."

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This document provides details of Defence iQ Event and discount code for TD-Info Industry Members.

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