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Digital Twin Roadmap Task Initial Brief

Monday 7th September 2020

Time : 10:00 to 11:30

Exploiting across sectors this will help provide a coherent vision, language and establish standards utilising accelerator projects to accelerate the development of entity digital twins, composite twins and federated twins across enterprises.

Under the Governance of the Engineering Support Transformation a Tasking form has been created (attached) outlining the task intent.

This event will describe the proposed approach and outcomes and explain how to get involved.

Depending on availability and commitment we envisage three types of contributor:
Author (anticipate at least one day a week to develop content for publishing)
Reviewer (attend development workshops and undertake peer review of content as it is developed)
Contributor (consolidate, summarise and submit related material to the Authors as part of the document, trawl, literature review and generation of the underpinning knowledge base)

The sponsor for this task is focused in Eng Support however the scope of the roadmap (engineering, supply chain, T&E, Training) is still to be determined and will be agreed early n the task. (what is our System of Interest and how does this interact with other system of systems).

The outputs will form part of the business case evidence for taking Digital Twins forward in Defence Support.

Many of you are involved with UK National Digital Twin, work in sectors other than Defence and have business units in other countries. For this task to be successful your wider perspectives are essential. We hope that you can see merit in collaborating to take this forward and hope you can join this session.

Sent on behalf of the Task Team Leads:
• Darin Tudor (Defence Innovation Cluster)
• Andy German (Atkins)
• Steve Penver (Babcock)
• Alistair Donaldson (Rolls-Royce)
• Tia Tank (KPMG)
• Steve Green (Team Defence Information)

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Brief to stakeholder community describing the task adnasking for volunteers

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Task mandate for the Digital Twin Roadmap task

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