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Strategically Positioning Defence Test & Evaluation 1 of 4 (free. non members simply ignore logon detail requests)

Monday 13th July 2020

Time : 12:00 to 13:00

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Free to attend. At registration Non Members simply ignore the logon details box.

ADS, TechUK, UKDSC and Team Defence are supporting Strategic Programmes with Industry early engagement 

The engagement aims is to help understand the new technology horizon and harness Defence and Industry initiatives to put in place the strategic planning needed to align a future T&E Enterprise to meet Defence needs.

This engagement will consist of 4 virtual meetings.

  1. Meeting 1 the MOD will set the scene (Mon 13th July 1200)
  2. Meeting 2 Commands and Defence Industry will describe T&E and the future challenge (Mon 13th July 1530)
  3. Meeting 3 will present some cross sector T&E practices (Tue 14th July 1200)
  4. Meeting 4 will workshop to provide insight to the SOC (Tue 14th July 1500)

The Test and Evaluation Futures Programme is aimed at understanding Defence’s T&E capability requirements, opportunities and risks. It will provide the evidence base required to advise on the balance of investment choices, capability coherence, collaboration and design of a future Defence T&E Enterprise.

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Future Test & Evaluation Admin Instruction Public P  Expand

Last Updated: 9 Jul 2020 16:21  Download

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Admin Instructions for the 4 remote Industry Engagement Session with MOD Strategic Programmes capturing input to inform the Test & Evaluation Review

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TE Futures Programme - Industry 2 pager Public P  Expand

Last Updated: 19 Jun 2020 14:01  Download

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2 page summary of Future Test and Evaluation Programme (Industry Version)

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