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Office 365 Working Group

Monday 15th June 2020

Location : MS Teams

Time : 14:30 to 15:30

A new working group to provide MOD and Industry with the opportunity to discuss secure exploitation of products such as O365.

This kick-off meeting will discuss a strategy for the group – short, medium and long term aspirations. This will include:

  • Share knowledge and fact finding activity
  • Capture the group knowledge in formal documentation / knowledgebase
  • Produce patterns
  • Develop short guide on what this means for a User
  • Agree that all parties will input into the workgroup on a collaborative basis regardless of company name/ size.
  • Agree document output governance – document handling instructions to enable need to know sharing within companies/ forums
  • Ensure linkages are made to other Forums or initiatives to enhance the learning (e.g Commodity Assurance process).
  • Review Certification schemes or Regulations to understand compliance measures

Any information shared in the group is on a need to know basis – shared to enable the group.

MOD chairpersonship is provided by the Cyber Defence and Risk group in Defence Digital.

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