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Additive Manufacture SWG Webinar #1 Army CI

Monday 27th April 2020

Location : Teams meeting. Online link to be distributed to attendees

Time : 12:00 to 12:30

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Event Details

Lt Col Dan Anders-Brown will provide a short update on the Army capability Investigation including. the Army procurement and plans for a metal additive print capability.
Following the presentation there will be time for Q&A
Please register to attend. Note registration is for all 8 webinars There is no requirement to register separately for each. Upon registering for anyone webinar  You will receive links to join all 8 meetings in this series.
During the meeting we would appreciate it if attendees could keep their microphones muted and use the chat to table questions which will be addressed at the end.

Key Words

Additive Manufacturing (AdM) 

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Webinar #1 Army Additive Manufacturing Cap Inv Webinar Update Public P  Expand

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Presentation pack from Lt Col Dan Anders-Brown presented as a webinar update to the Adm SWG.

Key Words

Additive Manufacturing (AdM) 


Additive Manufacturing Lunchtime Webinars April 2020 Public PA  Expand

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Eight webinards, 2 per lunchtime over 4 days. #1 Army Capability Investigation Mon 27 April 1200hrs; #2 Metal Printer Capabilities Mon 27 April 1300hrs; #3 Airbus’ Experience Tues 28 April 1200hrs; #4 Wire Arc Additive Manufacture (WAAM) Tues 28 April 1300hrs; #5 Dstl Logistics Technology Investigations Wed 29 April 1200hrs; #6 AM Community response to COVID-19 and Coronavirus resources Wed 29 April 1300hrs; #7 NATO Additive Manufacture – An industry view Thur 30 April 1200hrs; #8 Commercial & IP Challenges of Additive Thur 30 April 1300hrs

Key Words

Additive Manufacturing (AdM)  Defence Support Organisation  LOGNET