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DI20v: Sustainable ICT Workshop

DI20v: Sustainable ICT Workshop

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Location : Using MS Teams Details

Time : 14:00 to 16:00

How do we make Digital more sustainable in Defence?

During 2018/19, MOD sent only 0.1% of its ICT to landfill – the lowest of any Government department.

We recycled 81% of ICT hardware and re-used over 18%; however, this balance could be improved. We should be seeking to re-use more of our ICT rather than breaking it up for recycling, thereby generating savings through cost avoidance and becoming more sustainable in the process.

Manufacturing ICT hardware is expensive on the planet’s resources. Some of the raw materials are rare earth elements, in short supply, and subject to potential supply chain disruption. Many are mined in developing countries, then transported, refined, processed and assembled and after manufacture, re-shipped globally; all activities that consume large amounts of energy. These activities may also involve artisan or forced labour and other unethical practices.

Defence Digital are seeking to collaborate with industry to understand:

  • What are the factors preventing reuse?
  • How might we break each of these down?
  • How much more can we exploit our assets?
  • Can we mitigate any performance penalty?
  • What would a new process look like? Can we trial it?
  • What is the role of leasing?
  • What would be the benefits:
  • For industry?
  • For MOD/HMG?
  • Who is best to design/lead?
  • Do we need a champion? Who?
  • How do we change behaviours?
  • How do we manage key stakeholder groups?



+44 20 3443 6271 United Kingdom, London (Toll)

Conference ID: 351 447 086#



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