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Creating A Circular Economy in Defence ICT - Discovery Workshop for Industry

Creating A Circular Economy in Defence ICT - Discovery Workshop for Industry

Wednesday 26th February 2020

Location : Team Defence Information Head Office

Time : 10:00 to 14:00


The MOD’s Sustainability Strategy 2015-2025 is committed to supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including the adoption of more sustainable consumption and production patterns and taking urgent action to combat climate change. The production of ICT equipment is energy-intensive and consumes valuable raw materials, many of which are in short supply or are subject to supply chain concerns. A circular economy must lie at the heart of a greener, more sustainable future.

Moving to a circular economy will reduce costs to organisations and stabilise supply chains over the long term but this requires a robust, joined-up approach, with clear policies and objectives that are supported by plans and processes to achieve them.

Defence Digital has initiated an investigation of what MOD and its suppliers can do to better enable a circular economy in ICT. Although this study is focused on Defence, it will have wider relevance across all government departments. Furthermore, Defra is seeking to promote device reuse and remanufacture in its new Sustainable Technology Strategy for 2020-25.

The JIG – Vanguard, a working group from Team Defence Information, is assisting Defence Digital to develop recommendations to improve ICT circularity.

A discovery workshop will take place at Briarlands Office Park, Rudgeway, Bristol on Wednesday 26 February from 1000-1400hrs.

We would very much like representatives from industry to attend to provide their contributions on the challenges and issues surrounding this topic and would be grateful for your views, whether or not you are able to attend.

This workshop will help shape the key working areas for the project by better informing the current approach taken, and scoping the changes required.


See Governemt Policy Paper: Greening government: sustainable technology strategy 2020 which sets out how government should carry out ICT procurement in a sustainable way to meet green commitments.   

Key Words

Sustainable Development - Zero Carbon 

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"The strategy provides the direction to address risks to our business and capabilities during 2015 to 2025, which if made more sustainable, will enable us to be more efficient, resilient and adaptable to the future. It will be supported by a delivery plan which sets out in more detail, the actions to support the achievement of the objectives and monitoring arrangements to measure our success.". Available from This copy downloaded 3 Feb 2020

Key Words

Sustainable Development - Zero Carbon