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Non-TD-Info Event: TDW-Live#9

Non-TD-Info Event: TDW-Live#9

Tuesday 19th - Thursday 21st November 2019

Location : Cadbury by Hilton Frost Hill, BS49 5AD,

Time : 09:00 to 14:55

Tech Data World has its annual conference TDW-Live#9

The Support Engineering track at this year’s TDW-Live is an exploration of context. Context is the foundation on which good support is based but it’s so easily forgotten during the day job. Whether you’re a manager of support, an analyst working toward designing support or a commercial agent looking to contract support, knowing where you fit and, perhaps more importantly, where the people or disciplines with whom you interact fit, is critical to getting support right.

What is the focus of TDW-Live?

  • What is happening in the field of technical data
  • Provide a platform to discuss the challenges affecting our sector
  • A look into what the key and core technological developments are in information production and deployment
  • 100% focused on the needs of our attendees.
  • Focused ILS (supportability) presentations.
  • Dedicated technical publications track.

Who will be there?

  • The TDW-Live event now firmly and well established on the technical data schedule attracts those who are involved in aerospace, defence and space technical data procurement, production and deployment.
  • Well attended and represented by the information supply chain, right up to defence level
  • Senior managers and representatives from leading supply chain organisations with a focused interest in technical data and support information.
  • Leading industry experts who understand the real challenges we face
  • Like minded professionals keen to share and learn experiences.

 Speakers will include:

  • Lt Col Chris Ireland (British Army) who will be talking about Supporting the Wildcat;
  • Lee Fitzsimons (Aspire) who will be talking about the technicalities of creating support data at the wrong level of responsibility;
  • Luca Leone (AERALIS, Team Defence Information) who will be talking about the benefits of a design for supportability centre of excellence;
  • Peter Stuttard (Aspire) who will be talking about the role that ownership and leadership play in the efficient and accurate creation of support data;
  • Robin Smith (Arke Ltd) who will be talking about the potential to reduce logistics need by applying additive manufacturing technologies.

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