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Additive Manufacturing (AdM) Sub Working Group

Tuesday 12th November 2019

Location : 1710 NAS, Portsmouth Naval Base

Time : 09:00 to 16:30

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Additive Manufacturing (AdM)

The Defence Logistics Enterprise LOGNET Technology Concept SWGs are a standing, joint MOD-Industry subordinate forum of the DLFDB. Their purpose is to support the accelerated development and exploitation of promising technology areas with a view to assisting in the delivery of some of the high-level benefits of the DLV as articulated in the Future Support Force 2035 (FSF 35) Concept. All seek to deliver support in a different way, ultimately to reduce the demand for support, reduce the support footprint and reduce the cost relative to output. Each Sub-WG is guided by the high level CFD-generated Technology Concept Note, aiming to arrive at viable, achievable and affordable propositions that can be operationalised within the next 15-20 years. The collaborative nature of the SWG will allow Defence and Industry to collectively focus its efforts on proving or disproving the hypotheses and assumptions posed within the concept notes to guide associated Research, Analysis and Experimentation activity across the Defence Support Enterprise (DSE) and the related R&D efforts of industry.

At this AdM Sub-WG there will be syndicate workshops to identify and progress activities to drive AdM for Defence forward. These should exploit and align with other government and industry initiatives. Current agenda items include:

· Policy (strategic direction to achieve long-term goals).
· Process (to deliver transformative effect).
· Application (to achieve operational benefits).

Key Words

Additive Manufacturing (AM)  Innovation & Digital Disruption  Supply Chain  Support & Information Innovation Community of Interest (SII-COI)  Support & Support Chain 

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