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Thursday 12th - Friday 13th March 2020

Location : Location Radisson Blu Edwardian, Heathrow,140 Bath Road, Harlington, UB3 5AW

Time : 08:30 to 17:00

Book Places HERE Attendance is free for registered delegates. 

Industry are invited to apply for an exhibition stand at LOGNET. Places for stands are limited and applicants will need to explain how their stand will support and inform the LOGNET themes (see below). These applications will be assessed by the event organissers and applicants informed accordingly.

LOGNET is the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD’s) logistics and support enterprise-engagement and future-development event for 2020. The MoD wishes to advance its engagement with industry, academia, international partners and allies to optimise military logistics and support capabilities and promote UK prosperity; not just by being open for business, but ready for modernisation and change. LOGNET aims to improve the collective understanding of UK Defence's support requirements, and to pursue knowledge of academic and commercial capability while reinforcing partnerships nationally and internationally.

The following themes will frame LOGNET:

  • Sustainability - meeting future environmental targets whilst minimising demand, footprint, cost and waste.
  • Resilience - successfully delivering support in a threat-driven contested and degraded environment.
  • Interoperability - operating seamlessly with allies and partners on a global scale.
  • Digital Transformation - exploiting information at the speed of relevance combined with appropriate technology to deliver agility and mass.
  • Innovation - identifying opportunities for doing things differently and/or doing different things.

Location Radisson Blu Edwardian, Heathrow,140 Bath Road, Harlington, UB3 5AW

Benefits Delegates and speakers will benefit through:

  • Understanding Defence’s logistic and support requirements for future challenges in order to propose superior solutions.
  • Leveraging the opportunity to influence Defence Logistic and Support policy, direction, planning and development.
  • Engaging directly with Defence's Future Support Operations Force concept and vision.
  • Identifying opportunities to conduct business with Defence partners.
  • Maintaining and building upon the equitable relationship between Defence and its logistics and support enterprise partners.
  • Utilising the opportunity for attendees to question senior Defence and thought-leaders through interactive conference software.

Background  The LOGNET conference is hosted annually by UK Defence Logistics. Each event builds upon the last and acts as a forum for senior leaders in Defence Logistics and Support to engage with industrial, academic and international partners and allies. This LOGNET conference will include keynote presentations from the newly created and appointed Chief of Defence Logistics and Support (CDLS) Richard Wardlaw, updates on our Support Transformation Programme, including the Defence Support Operating Model (DSOM) implementation, and sharing progress made on Future Support Operations Force technology-led concept work, including updates from our international colleagues. LOGNET seeks to build a stronger relationship with attendees and offers a further opportunity to renew discussion, exchange information and build greater alliances.


The aim of LOGNET is to update participants on current ambition, discuss associated concepts and capabilities under development and seek expert input and opportunities from the assembled forum. Furthermore, outputs from annual LOGNET conferences are subsequently used to inform and drive technology-led sub-working group activity that is undertaken between events to consider the challenges and potential solutions to Defence Logistics and Support challenges in more detail.


LOGNET is relevant to strategic decision makers, technology developers and thought leaders, and is themed: Sustaining assured support in a contested and degraded environment. The following topics will be interwoven throughout the event:

  • Rapid information infrastructure deployment
  • Human and Computer Interfaces
  • Reducing dependency demand, operational cost and logistics footprint on deployments
  • Condition Based Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance and Monitoring Systems
  • Space and weight (Saving) Food Concept: full nourishment, with lower logistics footprint
  • Smarter Power generation, consumption and Distribution
  • Real-time monitoring, reporting and management of the condition of precious stock
  • Battlefield Water Generation
  • Battlefield Manufacturing (Additive Manufacturing)
  • Robotics and Autonomous support systems and technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for logistics decision support
  • Agile Warehousing
  • Augmented Reality for training and surrogate expert maintenance and repairs

Keynote speakers are drawn from all areas of defence, academic and industrial sectors and include:

  • Chief Defence Logistics and Support (CDLS) at Strategic Command, Richard Wardlaw, will brief attendees on his role as the Functional Leader for Support: insights, ambition, vision and the DSOM construct, to inform their respective commercial and technology strategies.
  • CDLS will also 'Relaunch' the Defence Support Transformation Programme, and provide an opportunity to describe DSOM, Business Modernisation for Support, the Integrated Operating Concept, challenges, and Defence Activity Programme opportunities in the near and medium futures
  • Senior Defence Leaders of DSOM Pillars will describe the priorities, pressures and opportunities for their organisations
  • Academic thought-leaders will discuss, amongst other topics, Rethinking Defence for a Circular Economy
  • Industrial leaders will speak about transformative and sustainable change in logistics
  • International partners will describe their achievements, experiences and aspirations in addition to extant and potential collaborative projects

Display stands Conference stands will be available throughout the event to permit attendees the opportunity to showcase emerging technologies and innovations.  Applicatnts for stands will need to explain how their stands support and inform the LOGNET themes of: Sustainability - Resilience - Interoperability - Digital Transformation - Innovation

Accommodation and Car Parking Accommodation is arranged directly through the hotel. Parking at the hotel is free to delegates.

Refreshments Lunch and refreshments are provided for registered delegates on both days.

Registration Registration is managed through a page on; follow this link: LOGNET

If your organisation is connected to the logistics and engineering support sector and you would like to engage with the Defence Logistics community, please feel welcome to sign up to and attend LOGNET.


This is the page where presentations from LOGNET 20 will be published when available

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LOGNET 12&13 March 2020 - About this Free Event Public PA  Expand

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This document summarises LOGNET - the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD’s) logistics and support enterprise engagement and future development event for 2020 (12 & 13 March) with themes on: Sustainability - Resilience - Interoperability - Digital Transformation - Innovation. Chief Defence Logistics and Support (CDLS) at Strategic Command, Richard Wardlaw, will brief attendees and 'relaunch' the Defence Support Transformation Programme and provide an update on the Defence Support Operating Model (DSOM)

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