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Non-TD-Info Event: Robotic Process Automation 21 May - techUK in partnership with UI Path

Non-TD-Info Event: Robotic Process Automation 21 May - techUK in partnership with UI Path

Tuesday 21st May 2019

Location : techUK Head Office

Time : 14:00 to 16:00

techUK, in partnership with UI Path will be hosting a briefing exploring the potential of Robotic Process Automation in the Defence sector session with speakers including:

• James Merrick-Potter, Head of Robotic Automation Unit, Cabinet Office
• Speaker confirmed from UI Path

Attendees will discuss and assess progress in the development of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), specifically within the UK Defence context. The objective of the event is to inform attendees about the capabilities, both current and future for RPA technologies, and allay some fears and myths around them.
Key areas to focus on will include whether RPAs do really improve accuracy and reduce operating costs; how RPAs can aid the human workforce, freeing up time for more significant tasks; and how organisations can learn more and get started.

Attendees will also hear from other sectors and government departments on how they embarked on their own RPA journey and the lessons they have learned; what real benefits have they accrued and what problems they overcame. Finally the audience will also hear from one of the leading suppliers of RPA technologies, who will explain how RPA is being deployed not just across public sector organisations, but also across the whole commercial enterprise market. Specific case studies will be discussed across insurance companies, telecoms, car manufacturers and banks who have traditionally been ahead of the curve in these technologies.

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