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The SCAF 2018 Cost Estimating Challenge

Tuesday 24th April 2018

Location : Aerospace Bristol, BS34 5BZ

Time : 09:00 to 16:30

Registration - please download and fill in the registration form

Following the success of the SCAF Challenge last year we are pleased to announce the SCAF 2018 Challenge and Training Workshop. The aim of this workshop is to provide an interactive training session in cost estimating through the presentation of case studies that have been conducted by professional teams from academia, industry and consultants with the added benefit of top-level critique by senior figures in the profession. It is our preference that the challenge is conducted by younger cost analysis staff rather than more experienced practitioners.

The programme will be instructive, entertaining and suitable for a wide interest audience (estimators as well as managers). The workshop ethos will be:

• Presentations will be conducted in a non-hostile atmosphere
• All observations will be focused on the methodology and approach rather than the absolute cost accuracy
• This is a learning exercise for the Teams and the audience
There is no pass or fail and certainly no “right answer.” We strive to keep the estimating spirit alive and to present a good cross-section demonstration of how world-class estimators approach the issue of analyzing data and producing parametric cost estimating relationships, uncertainty analysis and decision making.

The Senior Review Panel will review each oral presentation, ask questions for clarification, and compile an overview, which will be interesting and informative to the general conference audience in the final session of the workshop.

The critique will focus on methodology, processes, presentation style and some lessons learned for others to emulate
and not on the accuracy of the cost estimate.

09.00 Coffee and Registration
09.45 Welcome and Opening Remarks, Dale Shermon, Chairman, SCAF
09.50 Workshop Aims and Objectives, Dale Shermon
10.00 Case Study Presentation by Wood PLC
10.30 Case Study Presentation by Babcock
11.00 Case Study Presentation by Atkins
11.30 Interlude
11.50 Case Study Presentation by AWE
12.20 Case Study Presentation by CAAS
12.50 Buffet Lunch
13.50 Case Study Presentation by BAE Systems
14.20 Case Study Presentation by BMT
14.50 Tea
15.20 Expert Review Feedback
16.30 Close


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