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About Team Defence Information

In Brief - About Team Defence Information

To find out more about Team Defence Information and the benefits of being a member, please download:

  • Slide pack about TD-Info 
  • About Team Defencethat sets out to explain what TD-Info does, who participates, its approach and how it operates, why it's needed, the 'value-add' it provides and what makes it unique
  • Benefits of Membership of TD-Info

As a trusted membership organisation, Team Defence Information (TD-Info) brings together Industry and the MOD, collaborating to optimise the value from business information working across Team Defence. As a trade body, funded by Industry with MOD as partner, TD-info acts as a catalyst and facilitator whose activities complement those of ADS and techUK, organisations with whom we collaborate.

TD-Info represents the interests of suppliers of ICT services and champions the needs of Industry contractors who are users of the same ICT services, such as in the Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF) working with MOD Defence Digital (formerly Information Systems & Services (ISS)).

Typically, the users of ICT procured from MOD ISS are materiel manufacturers and through-life support providers working for, and alongside, the MOD.  Also, as MOD outsources to Industry, there are Industry-run services on the MOD infrastructure used by Industry partners as well as the MOD.  Hence, 'Team Defence' is appropriate term for this close partnering.

TD-Info helps facilitate activities in close engagement with the MOD such as the Defence Support Network Transformation (DSN-T) Programme and the Delivery Contiuity Exucutive .  The latter is a construct whereby Industry engages as stakeholder in MOD processes that consult on and assess impact of proposed information system changes on MOD’s output-based contracts & assists MOD to shape significant new requirements.

TD-Info members range in scale from multinational enterprises to Small-to-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs), all involved in complex defence supply chains and support networks that benefit from improved end-to-end, secure information sharing; information is the ‘lifeblood’ of the defence enterprise. Our joint Industry-MOD governance drives coherence and continuity, with representation through to the Defence Suppliers Forum, the major conduit for MOD-industry relationships, chaired by the Secretary of State for Defence.

Participation in TD-Info activities provides 'force multiplier' benefits for organisations. Working in a trusted forum, collectively we draw on real-world use cases involving Team Defence (i.e. MOD and Industry) and engage subject matter experts from varied disciplines to develop pragmatic, common solutions. TD-Info promotes global standards and inter-operable ways of working, designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Corporate knowledge is captured and shared via our members' website here at

The collective efforts of Team Defence Information members are ultimately directed at sustaining defence’s Whole Force superior operational capability.

As of summer 2017, we became 'Team Defence Information'

As of the summer of 2017, our member organisation rebaranded to be Team Defence Informaton.  However, note that we are ‘UKCeB, trading as Team Defence Information (TD-Info)’.  Hence, any payments are still to 'UKCeB' which is our former name.  Our new tag line for Team Defence Information reinforces this: collaborating and optimizing the value from business information working across Team Defence

Membership Benefits of Team Defence Information

Learn more about TD-Info Membership Benefits HERE.

By joining Team Defence Information (TD-Info for short), you are part of a unique organisation, a trusted forum where Industry and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) work together to accelerate adoption of secure information sharing capabilities and practices across the Team Defence Supply Chain and Support Network. Members have a common interest in value-enhancing solutions for Secure Collaboration - ‘End-to-End & Through-Life’. As our new tagline states, we are about “collaborating and optimizing the value from business information working across Team Defence”. TD-Info reports to the Defence Suppliers Forum.

As a company involved in defence, you will appreciate the need to communicate securely and share information in compliance with relevant policies and procedures. This is a significant challenge of itself. How do you also ensure that information flows efficiently and effectively to those that need it, in a timely yet auditable manner? There are many possible solutions - but will yours be interoperable, reusable and agile? These qualities let you avoid the additional cost burdens associated with using, bespoke, non-standard and ‘locked-in’ methods of information exchange.

The digital revolution is transforming business models and ways of working in defence, as everywhere. Digital by Default is a commitment throughout Government. And organisations are responding to the transformative power of the ‘Nexus of Forces’ (social media, mobility, cloud and information analytics or Big Data), the Internet of Things (IoT), Arttificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Twin, Block Chain, etc.

TD-Info helps you make sense of these transformational changes, addressing coherence and working on pragmatic solutions. The mature governance structure includes the Joint Information Group (JIG) and the Defence and Industry Support Chain Optimisation Strategy Board (DISCOG).

Via the JIG, TD-Info activities support the Defence Suppliers Forum, the 'major conduit for MOD-Industry relationships', chaired by the Secretary of State.

User Guide to TD-Info Website

Click HERE to download our short User Guide to this website


What is meant by Team Defence

Team Defence’ is a shorthand reference for organisations that collaborate securely across the Defence enterprise to achieve End-to-End delivery of materiel and services, including support through-life. Team Defence is holistic and includes Users (e.g. the MOD, Allies, Other Government Departments and contractors) and Industry suppliers . The latter spans multinational prime-contractors and niche Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), securely collaborating across the Defence supply chain and support network.

The role of Industry in Team Defence is broadening as it undertakes a greater share of running operations on behalf of the MOD. Through a need to drive efficiency, both Industry and the MOD are interested in standardisation and use of so-called ‘Common Off The Shelf’ or COTS technology products. With its Team Defence construct, TD-Info promotes awareness that (‘embedded Industry’) suppliers are often ‘co-Users’ with the MOD of Information & Communications Technology (ICT) products and services. Hence, the TD-Info promotes shared understanding of good practices and facilitates a range of holistic Team Defence contributions in areas such as requirements specifications, scenario planning and policy development.

Some Team Defence Information Achievements

Here are a selection of TD-Info activities and achievements:

Training in Standard Technical English

Simplified Technical English is a controlled language originally developed for aerospace industry maintenance manuals and now widely used in other sectors. UKCeB runs courses on STE and is the only ASD-approved provider of STE Training in the UK.

For more details about the benefits and content of these STE training courses download a leaflet HERE