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Defence Support Network (Transformation) Programme & Request for Completion of Project Initiation Documents - PIDs

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Defence Support Network (Transformation) Programme & Request for Completion of Project Initiation Documents - PIDs

MOD states that, "The Defence Support Network (Transformation) (DSN(T)) concept phase has concluded and the programme has entered its delivery phase, following submission and approval of a Main Gate Business Case." Further...

"• The delivery phase is expected to run until March 2020, although the transformation of the DSN will extend beyond this period.

• It is recognised that Industry is a key DSN(T) stakeholder, as a significant proportion of the spend on Defence support relates to outsourced activities.

• Accordingly, as part of the delivery phase, there will be an Industry Enablers work stream, within which a number of potential industry innovation projects have been identified, examples of which could be:

• Information Flow and Exchange.
• Support Optimisation.
• Optimise Joint Government/ Industry Assets.
• Information Innovation.

• To facilitate this, the DSN(T) Programme Management Organisation (PMO) is commencing an informal market engagement exercise through Team Defence Information (TD-Info).

• All Industry parties are invited to participate in this informal market engagement exercise, through the contribution to and/or the submission of a DSN(T) Project Initiation Document (PID).

• To find out more, you are encouraged to contact TD-Info’s Task Force representative for DSN(T) activities"

Read full details in 20170810-TD-Info_DSN(T)_Update (MOD Approved) 

Download the PID Template and PID Worked Example from the KeyWord: DSN(T) - Defence Support Network (Transformation) Programme

Go to the DSN(T) section on this website and, on that page, click to 'Follow' 

TD-Info will be sending out regular communications updates to Industry and there is opportunity for Industry to submit PIDs on a rolling basis for consideration.

Added: 14th August 2017