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New TD-Info Website is live!

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New TD-Info Website is live!

We're pleased that you have found us at - our new website address. We wish to share some information about the changes and what to expect in new developments.

As you can see, this website uses our new brand identity. Immediate benefits of the new site include that it works better on mobile devices.

Now that we have relocated, we will undertake further improvements to benefit members and will keep you updated.

The initial exercise was one of 'content relocation'; we sought to replicate what we had on our previous website. However, this content now resides on new state-of-the-art server technology which supports enhanced security and performance.

Please don't discout there being some anomalies (e.g. new icons are yet to appear) and teething problems. We will address them and trust these will be short-lived.

What else is in the planned website imprvements?

  • We are working with our website supplier on other change requests to further improve functionality and ease of use.
  • Organising content and standardising its presentation is another activity.  We plan to engage our members where appropriate. For instance, in areas such as Key Words, we aim for a more standardised Wikipedia-style and will seek 'ownership' of Key Words amongst members for topics where they are Subject Matter Experts and can provide thought-leadership guidance.
  • We intend contacting our members to ensure that your profile details are up-to-date, cleansing data as appropriate and encouraging members to refresh their personal profile page.
  • Similarly, each member company has a Company Member Page (see About > Members) which is open for Companies to provide marketing content and links to relevant external websites. We look forward to contacting marketing departments of member companies to inform (or remind) you of this promotional opportunity.
  • There is a need to refresh our User Guides - both in text format and, ideally, as walk-through video training guides to demonstrate how to get the most from the website for your benefit.

Whilst these changes will not happen overnight, we look forward to delivering incremental improvements.

In light of these changes, we welcome your suggestions as to what you would like to see TD-Info considering doing with its website and on social media? For the latter, we are creating a new TD-info presence on both LinkedIn and Twitter.

If you have and views and suggestions to share, please email


PS - we look forward to switching soon to new emails in the format



Added: 26th July 2017


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