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Visit to the Rolls-Royce IT innovations Lab, Derby

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Visit to the Rolls-Royce IT innovations Lab, Derby

Read the report on TD-Info visit to the IT Innovation Lab at Rolls-Royce, Derby on 8 November 2017 HERE.

This was a stimulating and insightful visit to the Rolls-Royce IT Innovation Lab at their Derby site (opened in April 2017) that included the background to the facility and its aims, the Design Thinking approach influenced by that of the Stanford; some hands-on experience of applied Design Thinkiing, examples of how the IT Lab is being used and tangible benefits.

Rolls-Royce made a generous offer for Team Defence to have access to their IT Innovation Lab facilities plus Design Thinking facilitators if needed, e.g. to assist in jointly addressing commonly shared ‘knotty problem(s)’ affecting Team Defence.

Many thanks to member Rolls-Royce for their warm hospitality, the tour and insights, and for making the facilities available for a meeting of the TD-Info Joint Information Group (JIG) Engagement Team.

Added: 15th November 2017


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