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Skills and Learning with mentoring for aspiring career professionals

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Skills and Learning with mentoring for aspiring career professionals

This invitation is aimed both at senior managers looking at staff development for those in junior management roles – e.g. for you to nominate candidates, and to potential participants themselves, i.e. early engineers and managers wanting to take advantage of an opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and experience. Learn more by downloading the documents HERE and HERE

See the short videos created by Alistair Montgomery on benefits of his project on IoT and Ryan Humphrey on benefits of participating in his project during 2017. Both came to a recent meeting with 2018 candidates where they spoke of the benefits to their careers. This is an opportunity for engineers / junior managers to develop their research, management and presentational skills in a work-related topic that has direct relevance to their working environment.

The world of work is changing rapidly across the intersection of people, processes and technology. Think about examples: agile working, AI and machine learning, augmented reality, robotics and automation, emotional intelligence for better collaborative working, digital twins, data analytics, blockchain, 3-D printing, new legislation affecting business (e.g. GDPR), working ‘digital first’, recruitment/retention, developing innovation, changing work patterns and new materials. How are they impacting the world of work, your future and that of the organisation who employs you?
You have an opportunity to carry out a mentored project, as part of a peer group organised under the Team Defence Information Good Practice Study Group 2018. During this eight-month period, you can expect to develop your professional and presentational skills, deepen your knowledge on relevant topics, broaden your networking and work experiences, share learning with peers and mentors and make valuable contributions for your company. Also, this is a great chance to make an impression.

Apply NOW, email with your name, contact details, project area of interest and any other information (e.g. supervisor) by 16 April 2018. Please register your interest even if you are short of detail at this stage.  

Added: 1st May 2018