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MOD ISS ‘interviews’ Industry as part of Customer at the Heart (CATH) Project

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MOD ISS ‘interviews’ Industry as part of Customer at the Heart (CATH) Project

Information Systems and Services (ISS) are conducting visits to interview some of its ‘Indirect Customers’, i.e. non-MOD customers, which includes Industry. This is to understand better the ‘customer journeys’ when using the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) service; to identify the touch points, pinch points, missing points of contact etc. This understanding will inform what remedial actions are appropriate as aprt of Continual Service Improvement (CSI). Such improvements in quality of service and first-time-fix rates ultimately filter through to benefit defence operations, so are important for all.

This valuable activity has been initiated following discussions within the Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF), including a visit to the SPOC in April 2017. The ICEF work has highlighted that, in some cases, Industry providers of services on behalf of the MOD have Help Desks and they would like to share =useful information with the SPOC, Help Desk-to-Help Desk.  

There will be a review and discussion of findings today at the next ICEF meeting on 26 February, with a possible workshop later to enable further Industry comment and questions.



Added: 31st January 2018