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Mobile Services Study | Workshop 1 - Join this joint MOD/Industry session, 23 January

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Mobile Services Study | Workshop 1 - Join this joint MOD/Industry session, 23 January

Mobile Services Study Workshop 1

Date: 23rd January 2018; Time: 10.00-16.00 at MOD Corsham (tbc)

The Joint Information Group (JIG) have approved a project to scope and share methods of publishing mobile applications across Defence, particularly based on the roll out of mobile capabilities by ISS. The goal is to define consistent methods to enable innovation between industry and the MOD. Further workshops are being developed for February and March and an initial report is scheduled for the end of March 18.

The draft agenda for Workshop 1 is:

1. Endorsed ISS Mobile Strategy
2. Summary of current mobile roll out, security and app stores
3. Technology stack choices and implications
4. Governance

If you are interested in attending this workshop please register your interest on the TD-Info website here

Read more details on the Mobile Services Study - JIG Project web page.  Also, refer to the Key Word: Mobility 

Please note there is a limit on places available at this workshop.

Background to Mobile Service Study Project: The project is described further in the Case Approval Pack (CAP) that explains: "Mobile Technology has proliferated over the past few years, but its introduction in the Defence Support Chain has been constrained by a lack of clarity regarding and gaps within existing policy, specifications and standards. Following the recommendations of the Wi-Fi on Base project, initiatives seeking to employ mobile technology are increasing rapidly." and

"The definition of an approach to the use of mobile technology which is consistent with MOD and Industry policies will remove a barrier which currently restricts the extent to which these capabilities can be exploited within Team Defence. Success in this task requires a joint approach across MOD and Industry which aligns with the purpose of the JIG."

Added: 2nd January 2018


Mobile Services Study - JIG Project


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