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TD-Info member BOXARR Press Release - February 2018

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TD-Info member BOXARR Press Release - February 2018

BOXARR, the software company, and Deloitte, the business advisory firm, have formed an alliance to provide businesses and organisations with solutions to analyse and optimise their complex technical, operational, and organisational systems. Read the full Press Release here.

Through the alliance, Deloitte will utilise BOXARR’s analysis software to help clients map out the complexity of their business systems, such as supply chains and operating models; providing them with greater visibility of their enterprise and the inter-dependency of their systems. Through this, organisations will have a greater understanding of the consequences of potential business decisions and scenarios, as well as the time, resources, and costs associated with these.

"Complexity is the new elephant in the room,", says Fraser Hamilton, BOXARR's Vice President for Global Alliances, "And organisations are quickly realising that effectively managing inter-dependency is a crucial aspect to achieving successful and sustainable outcomes.”

BOXARR enables people across organisations to quickly and collaboratively stitch together disparate information systems, processes, and human expertise into a tapestry of inter-dependencies; producing a digital twin of a specific challenge or scaling up to reflect their holistic organisational operations. These models can then be visualized through a variety of filterable contexts or lenses; interrogated by functional analyses; and used to simulate the propagated effects of planned changes or the impacts of unforeseen events.



Added: 14th February 2018