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Export Controls Continued Kick-Off Workshop 9 November 2017

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Export Controls Continued  Kick-Off Workshop 9 November 2017

You are invited to participate in the continuing monthly workshops involving Subject Matter Experts in Export and Import Control from across MOD and Industry (aka ‘Team Defence’). This continues work to develop the working practices and common operating models designed to optimize and exploit the work under the MOD’s WATERGUARD Programme and to anticipate and explore changes due to BREXIT .

This will continue the UKCeB 2016 Excellence Award-winning Asset Subject Special Conditions analysis work, How to implement the new Assets Subject to Special controls service and further opportunity to engage the unique ID marking and 3i process development, with a focus on the information flows needed to be compliant. Adoption of this very important work is underway across Team Defence so please do ensure that your company gets involved.

This 2017 Kick-Off Meeting on Thursday 9th November 2017 will provide opportunity for the MOD to update Team Defence on the timescales for the introduction of the WATERGUARD ASSC Service & discuss how the 3i programme and the unique ID registry can be adopted by Team Defence. We will continue to develop how the information exchanges and advance shipping process can be adopted practically and will deliver the work packages defined in the JIG Case Approvals Pack.

Added: 18th October 2017


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