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Defence Spending 2016-17: Statistics

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Defence Spending 2016-17: Statistics

Taken from the Defence Departmental Resources page (published 5 October 2017) where you can download the relevant documents.  Highlights: in the Defence Spending 2016-17, Key Points and Trends are:

  • £35.3bn Defence spending (Resource DEL plus Capital DEL minus Depreciation) in 2016/17. An increase at current prices from 2015/16, when the total was £35.1 billion.
  • 4th Largest area of Government expenditure (Resource DEL plus Capital DEL plus AME).  The fourth highest spending area of UK Government during 2016/17, up from fifth in 2015/16. This change in position was caused by accounting changes which applied a large Resource AME charge to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in 2015/16.
  • £11.4bn Service and civilian personnel costs in 2016/17.An increase of £368 million from 2015/16.
  • £15.7bn Estimated MOD Equipment Expenditure in 2016/17.A decrease of £52 million from 2015/16.
  • £1.7bn MOD net expenditure on Research & Development in 2015/16.  A decrease of £42 million from 2014/15.
  • £0.7bn Cost of operations and peacekeeping in 2016/17. An increase of £244 million from 2015/16.
  • £130.6bn Total net value of non-current assets owned by MOD as at 31 March 2017.  An increase of £2.8 billion from 31 March 2016.
  • £1.4bn External income earned by MOD in 2016/17.An increase of £210 million from 2015/16.

Added: 1st October 2017


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