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95 Theses about Technology - triggers for conversations about our networked world

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95 Theses about Technology - triggers for conversations about our networked world

Written by John Naughton who is a journalist and professor of the public understanding of technology at the Open University, his article argues that

"It’s 500 years since Martin Luther defied the authority of the Catholic church. It’s time for a similar revolt against the hypocrisy of the religion of technology"

and posits 95 Theses about technology that are "triggers for conversations about our networked world...The format is simple: each thesis is a proposition about the tech world and the ecosystem it has spawned, followed by a brief discussion and recommendations for further reading."  

He says, "When the Internet first appeared I was dazzled by its empowering, enlightening, democratising potential. It’s difficult to imagine today the utopian visions that it conjured up in whose of us who understood the technology and had access to it. We really thought that it would change the world, slipping the surly bonds of older power structures and bringing about a more open, democratic, networked future.

We were right about one thing, though: it did change the world, but not in the ways we expected. The old power structures woke up, reasserted themselves and got the technology under control. A new generation of corporate giants emerged, and came to wield enormous power. We watched as millions — and later billions — of people happily surrendered their personal data and online trails to be monetised by these companies."

Added: 31st October 2017