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Good Practice Study Group Final Presentations - Join this Open Session, 13 Dec: hosted by DXC at Aldershot

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Good Practice Study Group Final Presentations - Join this Open Session, 13 Dec: hosted by DXC at Aldershot

Click HERE to book a place for both the GPSG and hte DISCOG.

This session comprises a morning of presentations by young professionals in the TD-Info Good Practice Study Group (GPSG) 2017 cohort and and afternoon of the Defence & Industry Support Chain Optimisation Group (DISCOG).  Your are invited to both sessions or either.  The day is chaired by  by Steve Lammiman, (MOD, SEOC, Hd SCG) and Phil Williams, (MD TD-Info) and is kindly hosted by DXC TEchnology.

Following introductions to the day on Defence Support Challenges by Col Ed Corrigan, MOD there is an Introduction to Good Practice Study Group Reports by Andy Williamson - BAE Systems, GPSG Chair.

The GPSG 2017 members will make their presentations, each of approximately 20 minutes duration followed by Q&A, to an audience comprising experienced MOD and Industry representatives include subject matter experts who will also provide feedback.

GPSG 2017 topics include:

  • Using the IoT to encourage connectivity in Defence - Alistair Montgomery, Leonardo 
  • The concept of AI and ML carrying out "smart tasks" - Jon Dix,  BAE Systems
  • Cloud enabled remote servers enabling ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable resources - Paul Stevens, BAE Systems
  • Using Block Chain to track and control spares including configuration control - Rob Smithers - ATKINS Global
  • Using the concepts set out above, to enable more efficient maintenance activities and thus platform availability - Ryan Humphreys - Leonardo

As mentioned, presentations will be followed by Q&A and discussion, and MOD reprsentation is likely to include staff from ACDS (Log Ops).  Industry will be well-represented too with experienced professionals and subject experts.  This GPSG sesion is scheduled to end at 12 noon. 

Attendees have the option to purchase lunch &/or stay on for a DISCOG meeting whose agenda includes:

  • TDI/Industry Update - Phil Williams
  • MoD General Update - Steve Lammiman
  • Industry Engagement in DSNT(P) - Nigel Procter TBC
  • The iLog Function Developing the Capability - Dr Neville Parton TBC

More details and invitation to register via the TD-Info website will be notified shortly.

The day is an 'open session' for MOD and TD-Info member organisations and addresses those with interests in providing more effective, agile and affordable support to Defence capabilities by working together as Team Defence.

Read about the GPSG projects and presenters from 2016, including short videos of GPSG talking about their experiences and learnings - HERE 

Added: 29th October 2017