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Internet of Things (IoT) session - Early notice for 30 Jan 2017

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Internet of Things (IoT) session - Early notice for 30 Jan 2017

SAP will kindly host the first SII-COI event of 2018 at their office in London. The event will investigate industrial internet of things.

MOD ISS and the RAF will present on the challenge space and current initiatives in ground support equipment. Industry examples of IoT applied in range of sectors such as Infrastructure, Health and Industry 4.0 will be presented and discussed along with a 'So What?' workshop to inform next steps. The event will include interactive demonstrator stands and a site tour.

Detailed agenda and invites to follow and limited numbers.

This session is for both MOD and Industry. The latter will through the TD-Info website. Bookings not open as yet

Get involved
There is plenty of opportunity to get involved hosting, speaking and attending future events. Spaces at events are limited depending on the size of the venue and allocated through TD Info on first come first serve basis.

If you want to keep up to date then:

  • Join and follow the SII-COI keyword area on the TD Info website
  • Follow Steve Green on linked-in
  • Contact by email or phone 07950 400211

Added: 26th October 2017


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