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Submit your responses to the Defence as a Platform (DaaP) Hosting Strategy v1

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Submit your responses to the Defence as a Platform (DaaP) Hosting Strategy v1

Download a copy of the Defence Hosting Strategy v1 HERE. Industry are invited to send feedback/questions for MOD ISS by 30 October.  Please send to who will collate and forward to ISS.

From the Introduction to DaaP Hosting Strategy:

"The Government Cloud strategy (part of the 2011 Government IT strategy), Government Cloud First policy, (2017) UK Digital Strategy and 2017 Defence Information Strategy all set a direction towards the use of cloud services for the delivery of Digital and Information capabilities. At a defence level this principally supports the strategic goal of transforming Information Systems & Services (ISS) and wider ICT provision from product based, to a service based model.

This Strategy aligns to the Cloud First policy, and provides strategic guidance on its application and implementation, recognising that Defence hosting will evolve gradually into an ecosystem from current almost 100% on-premises, to a mix of on premise, managed facilities and cloud over the next five years.

This Strategy describes the Defence hosting service, known as Defence as a Platform Hosting, and how Defence can exploit it most effectively and efficiently from initial conceptual assessment to business as usual (BAU) operation."


Added: 26th October 2017


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