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Update on WATERGUARD & Export Controls

This news story has been archived

Update on WATERGUARD & Export Controls

Download a copy of the WATERGUARD & Export Controls Leaflet July 2018 HERE

Subtitled: Collaboratively delivering Assets Subject to Special Controls (ASSC-ITAR/EAR Assets) Compliance Capability, this revised report highlights the extent of collaboration across Team Defence, the innovative approach, the impact it's had, application to other areas and ease of implementation.

On impact, it lists:

  • 13,000+ Hrs of free high quality expertise from across MOD/Industry during the 81 workshops held to date since 2015
  • Over 2 Million Defence Items (NSNs) have been assessed for ASSC controls and processes are now in place to make
  • reassessment normal business
  • Clarity on which Defence assets are subject to special controls
  • Total EBS’s for Defence = 1700. On-boarded to the ASSC service 172 EBS (10%), with a further 400 expected in the next financial year
  • US recognition that ASSC are properly protected by UK Defence and both US DOD and Netherlands MOD looking to create replicate the approach
  • Greater standardisation of work between MOD/Industry

Added: 18th July 2018