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Growing the Contribution of Defence to UK Prosperity - Report July 2018

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Growing the Contribution of Defence to UK Prosperity - Report July 2018

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In support of the Modernising Defence Programme (MDP) and the Secretary of State, former Minister for Defence Procurement Philip Dunne MP published the report ‘Growing the Contribution of Defence to UK Prosperity’.

In addtion to his Foreword, there are sections on: Executive Summary, National life, Economic growth, People, Ideas and innovation, Place, Cross-cutting findings and recommendations with three Annexes: A Comprehensive list of recommendations, B Regional Maps, C Terms of reference and D Engagements.

"As part of the Defence and Security Review 2015, when I was Minister of State for Defence Procurement, the Ministry of Defence was tasked for the first time to include within its formal objectives the promotion of prosperity, in line with National Security Objective three: ‘Promote our prosperity’– seizing opportunities, harnessing innovation to strengthen our national security, and working with industry to ensure we have the capabilities and equipment that we need. Our economic and national security go hand-in-hand.’"

"...As the Government looks at modernising Defence in response to a new international situation, it is right to consider how the role of Defence should be adapted - not just to reflect the rapidly evolving threats and capabilities of those who would do us harm, but also how the capabilities of our Armed Forces and the defence industry and infrastructure that supports them should be positioned to meet future requirements." - from Forword to the Report

This report highlights the importance of the Defence sector in the UK’s economy and makes 41 recommendations for the MOD to consider how best to improve the agility of Defence to procure the capability it needs, and for the department and defence industry more widely in meeting the challenges of the future.

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