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How to create great innovation questions: - Boon Now for FREE half-day 'taster' session 14 June

How to create great innovation questions: - Boon Now for FREE half-day 'taster' session 14 June


How to create great innovation questions - this free half-day 'taster' session for TD-Info members and MOD staff is presented by staff from who have lots of experience and case studies from work in the defence sector.

What’s this education session about?

It’s about the skill in asking the questions that will set the right direction(s) and help innovation - and thereby optimise resources applied on actions and lead to better insights. Well-framed questions in an organisation can save time and focus resources - and lead to more rewarding outcomes. The opposite is the case for questions that are ill-defined, poorly scoped and non-inspirational.

This hands-on ‘taster session’ will enable you practice and apply innovation tools to help you to define inspiring, yet well-bounded and well-understood, questions. Such insightful questions are a valuable springboard to create and communicate innovative and effective ideas and solutions.

Who is this session suitable for?

Potentially everyone can benefit. Examples include: management who want their organisations to innovate but are not sure how; those who have a responsibility for innovation in their organisation; and, those – such as HR and learning and development professionals looking to build innovative capability.

What is an innovative question in this context?

It’s to address a problem you want to solve or an opportunity you want to capitalise on.

Who is running this session & have they worked with defence organisations before?

It’s run by a specialist provider called Treehouse who are the preferred innovation training providers to the Army, Navy Command and dstl. Also, they train many from commercial companies such as the National Trust, Kraft, BAE Systems, Qinetiq and SEA.

Treehouse says that it’s easy for people to get bogged-down in routine, unhelpful habits and patterns of thinking that limit progress. They argue that they focus on people and how they think, helping them to think differently and to gain an edge.


Added: 3rd May 2018


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