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Views on Defence Information 2018

Views on Defence Information 2018

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This document presents two independent views on Defence Information 2018 . The first, from Simon Harries, comments on what he saw as the three major themes - Integration, Transformation and People - present throughout this two-day event that attracted over 270 from both MOD and Industry.

The second piece is copied from a blog post called My favo(u)rite conference of the year from Kevin Parker, the lead of the independent judges for the 2018 Excellence Award.  There is also a video of Kevin announcing the results of the awards at

We also include mention of the results of the TD-Info 2018 Excellence Award, won by GBR14, and the Appendix includes a summary of DI’18.

Added: 3rd May 2018


Defence Information 2018 (DI'18) & Excellence Award