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GBR14 are worthy winners of the TD-Info 2018 Excellence Award

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GBR14 are worthy winners of the TD-Info 2018 Excellence Award

Innovative GBR14  is the worthy winner of the Team Defence Information 2018 Excellence Award. It was presented to Peter Rogers (CEO) and Kully Johal (Chair & Co-founder) of GBR14 at the Defence Information 2018 Event on 19th April, where 8 finalists presented their entries in the Good Practice Market Place.

GBR14 have an innovative and patent-pending enabling technology that , “...manages individual database records, repository files, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices, and access privileges using unique encryption keys to separately encrypt, and cryptographically separate, each piece of asset data.”

In doing so, “GBR14 largely eliminates the risk of mass data loss which means that data can be used, accessed and shared in ways that make data security a facilitator and not a limiting factor in the creation of value-add business processes.”

Visit the GBR14 website to learn more about the enabler capabilities they have developed and some of the use cases – including defence - to which they can be applied.

Read the full results and summaries of entries HERE

Also, you may be interested to view a video of the impassioned awards presentation made by Kevin Parker (lead of judges) at

Congratulations also go to the following: 

Highly Commended

  • Babcock
  • MooD international


  • BAR Associates
  • BAE Systems Land UK
  • Exostar
  • Lockheed Martin
  • The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

In his summary of the entries, lead for the judging panel, Kevin Parker, noted that the 8 finalists included a total of 48 participating partners.  The impact of the work being showcased in the Good Practice Market Place was of the order of:

• billions of rows (of data)
• millions of £s savings for the Ministry of Defence
• 1000s of parts
• 100s of lives
• 10s of law suits

The innovation impact he felt included:

• why didn’t I think of that?
• that’s impossible
• that’s genius

The potential included:

• eliminating 90% of waste
• connecting smart people to hard problems
• simplifying complex and tedious tasks for 1,000’s of people

Implementation was:

  • simple
  • elegant
  • pragmatic
  • drop dead gorgeous!

And, he said, on show an abundance of common ground.  Read Kevin's blog post on DI'18 titled My favo(u)rite conference of the year

Added: 3rd May 2018


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