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Team Defence benefits from MOD ISS Customer at the Heart Workshop on SPOC services

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Team Defence benefits from MOD ISS Customer at the Heart Workshop on SPOC services

The MOD Continual Service Improvement (CSI) staff and the MOD ISS Customer Services (Indirect Customers) team organised an excellent 'Customer at the Heart' workshop (at Corsham, April 2018) to review feedback from interviews made with 'Industry' users of the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) service, aka the Help Desk.

MOD ISS recognised that roughly a third of users of the MOD infrastructure are not MOD staff. These 'Indirect' customers, numbering over 110,000, mostly comprise Industry users but also staff working for the MET Office and other agencies. Most of these users call their own organisation's Help Desk if they require technical support. In a proportion of cases, expert technical staff from their Help Desk will diagnose that the issue needs 'external' support from the SPOC.

Their calls make up a small percentage of the total calls processed by the SPOC but, because they are coming from technical experts who have triaged the issue in advance, they are not 'run-of-the-mill' calls to the SPOC. Indeed, three types of Industry users have been identified - one being the expert for applications that run on the MOD network who has valuable information to assist the SPOC.

The insights to date, well teased-out through the interviews that have led to journey mapping of SPOC Industry users, have confirmed that support to 'Industry' is a complicated picture. However, priorities and 'quick wins' have been identified and these that will be tackled first.

The workshop group included stakeholders from: Indirect customers of ISS, the SPOC, MOD ISS Customer Services, the CSI and MOD Supplier Performance.

The activities relating to this workshop stem, in part, from the Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF) which held a visit to the SPOC in 2017. Head of Customer Services at MOD Information Systems and Services (ISS), Brig Charlie Machonochie is also the Chief Customer Officer who instigated this Customer at the Heart (CATH) approach.

Work is taking place under MOD's Continuous Service Improvement governance process.  

A fuller account of this activity is in preparation.

Added: 13th April 2018


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