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New MOD CIO Charles Forte States ICT Priorities

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New MOD CIO Charles Forte States ICT Priorities

The MOD ISS ISSue4 publication reported that, at a recent Town Hall meeting for MOD ISS staff, the incoming CIO, Charles (Charlie) Forte said his priorities were:

  • To drive forward the joining of the whole IT function across Defence, not as one big, monolithic IT organisation, but more likely as tangents of accountability that cut across the business and turn activity from a push to a pull model
  • Finding better decision-making processes to support IT delivery (which already has the backing of senior management)
  • Strengthening the impact of technology innovation and adoption of new technology;finding mechanisms which allow the tensions between new ideas and security, and other restrictions
  • Taking big initiatives and pushing them through to success, which is important for ISS’ reputation and for what our customers need
  • Establishing a good plan for 2018/19; one which we are confident is deliverable with the resources we have

Added: 1st March 2018