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Joint Forces Command Roles & Who's Who (published 25 Jan 2018)

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Joint Forces Command Roles & Who's Who (published 25 Jan 2018)

The government website provides, under the heading "Transparency data - Joint Forces Command senior, as of April 2017" (published 25 Jan 2018).  IT provides Job Titles and Job/Team Function and, in some cases, provides the name of the person in post.  

For instance, the description against Director Service Design (Martin Elliot) who is also the Joint Information Group Co-Chair says:

Defence is taking greater control of its technical and information architecture in order to develop more cost effective and flexible solutions to its operational and business needs. The Service Design Directorate generate three key effects:

  • On behalf of the Defence Authority for Information, we set and assure Defence-wide strategy, policy, architectures and standards for information, information systems and the electro-magnetic spectrum. This framework aims to ensure interoperability, cost-effectiveness, security, legal compliance and appropriate supply of information professional skills.
  • On behalf of ISS as a whole, the Design Directorate captures customer needs and manages the supply of ISS solutions and services - ensuring that we reconcile customer needs with capacity and capability to best effect. We support transparent prioritisation by customers and work with customers from first contact to resolution.
  • We provide the vital expertise to design solutions to meet customer needs that make best use of existing services and, where they don't already exist, to design new and innovative services. As part of 'one ISS' we do this in an integrated way that supports the delivery and operation.

You can download all the information on this government web page as a csv file at the same webpage link given above.

Added: 22nd February 2018


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