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Disarmco Limited is a commercial and humanitarian company, dealing in the disposal of Redundant, obsolete munitions and landmines, in a non-explosive method. The company has supplied products to various non-governmental and commercial organisations. Disarmco is a technology company, developing solutions for the explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) market in an environmentally friendly way.

Our objective is to provide the most up to date and user friendly products which are easy to assemble onsite.

Disarmco’s management and advisory team have a combined total of over 30 years of industry experience, gained from defence related organisations and NGO's such as Mines Advisory Group, Cranfield University Defence Academy, G4S, Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) and Northrup Grumman. Our technical team understand the barriers field operatives encounter on a daily basis and in response Disarmco has developed a range of products that will obviate transport issues. Our products can be sent via commercial airlines as they have a flammable solid classification, making them inert in transit. In instances where there have been restrictions imposed by conflict or post conflict situations, we work with our transport company to find a solution for our clients.

Through its technical, advisory and sector expertise, Disarmco has supplied products and services to Redcliffe Defence and QinetiQ in the United Kingdom. We have also cultivated partnerships and delivered weapons demilitarisation products to United Nations, Mines Advisory Group in Vietnam and Danish Church Aid for onward transmission to Turkey.

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